Terms And Conditions

The follow guidelines can be used to help determine the most appropriate top-level category for your listings:


Item must be altered to add value by the merchant using handmade or finished components. Digital items or items printed by a merchant that include licensed imagery are considered commercial works and must be listed in the commercial top-level category.


Item's copyright is owned by the merchant. Items may include original works or quality reproductions made by the merchant or qualified third party.


Item's copyright is owned by the merchant who is selling authorized digital or physical reproductions of their own work. Any media whose copyright is not owned by a merchant should be listed in the commercial top-level category or vintage category depending on age.


Item must be designed by the merchant. Third party manufacturing of the merchant's original designs is acceptable.


Item must be a traditional craft supply or manipulated and packaged with the intent to be a craft supply.


Item is not on the list of Prohibited Items and does not otherwise violate the Terms of Use.